3 Internet Marketing Fables Dispelled For You


All the success stories over the years compels thousands to seek their fortune on the internet. Wealth, riches, and excellent to ordinary incomes are realized all the time by people of all walks of life and ages. The person who is the most vulnerable is the beginner marketer because of common mistakes that really can be damaging.

The first internet marketing myth is that you only have to rank high, get sales and be very successful. Although this may seem logical, it is not true all of the time. What really matters here is if you're getting a high ranking, what keyword are you actually targeting? For example, if your niche market is garden, your keywords must be specific to get the attention of people what want to purchase gardening tools and not just information about gardening tools. The right keyword to use in this situation would be "learn gardening tips";while "gardening tools" would drive traffic to your website, it would not make you a lot of money. So always remember that your SEO efforts should aim towards building targeted traffic of prospects who would actually buy from you. A few years ago people started saying that social traffic does not help when it comes to generating website traffic, which is a myth. However, if you actually study social media and look deeper into it, you'll understand that social sites such as Facebook and Twitter can bring in more sales on the table than other marketer methods such as article marketing and video marketing. Overlooking social media and saying that it does not generate sales is not a smart move on your part. You really should use every possible situation to your advantage to get traffic to your site, and social media should be a part of this. There are Internet marketers who completely depend on social sites to grow their Internet marketing business, which should be the biggest reason why this is a myth.

The third internet marketing myth is that you will only get good traffic if you pay for it. This is a myth because there are many ways that you can get free traffic without using money. By ranking high for your keyword, the search engines will bring visitors to your site if you work hard. The only con about no charge traffic generating strategies is that they take a long time to work, but if you don't have any cash, why not try them anyway. In the future, you can opt for the paid marketing plan once you make a little money. In conclusion, internet marketing can provide you with a very rich lifestyle. But like any business, you'll have to work hard and put in a lot of brain sweat to be successful, instead of believing in irrelevant myths.

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